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Web-based Picture Album

How many times have you decided to create a picture album? Have you ever finished that project?
Here is something to consider. It's simple, it's easy to create and it's working fast. Please have a look at our Demo Picture Album.
What you have to do.
The only thing you have is to write a file with the picture names and the corresponding links to the picture files.
You can save your picture files wherever you want. You can save them on your web server where the space is so valuable, but it's much better if you make use of the space that your Internet Service Provider provides for free.
You don't need to support or provide any kind of server-side programming.
You can create your own look of the site.
How is it working?
The file that you have created will be sent to a script that works remotely and generates the album.

Used technologies: PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. Browsers tested: IE 5+, NN 6+, Opera 6+.

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